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I had someone make a comment one time about what I do at my Studio. So I asked… “what is it that you think I do there… the answer was something like, “washing and rinsing people’s faces. I was dumbfounded! Was it that this person wasn’t paying attention at all? Or had I not painted a big enough picture…

I’ve been doing what I do for so long, I tend to  assume everyone just gets it. But they don’t. And on any given day it could sound like three different careers swirling around. All of them tied to the same mission, mind you…women feeling beautiful in their own skin (sometimes, men too). So I thought I’d take a minute to share here! Allow me to explain.

I’m an esthetician by trade, and have been since 2001. And I’ve been wielding a makeup brush and curling iron even longer. My place, BOMA, is a Skincare & Makeup Studio where I offer facials, dermaplaning, chemical peels, microneedling, brow shaping, makeup lessons and more… That’s right people, the term esthetician isn’t just some fancy word for washing and rinsing! It’s licensed washing and rinsing at it’s finest!!! (wink, wink)

If you read anything on this site, the about page would tell you know I grew up with a beauty shop in my grandmother’s yard and half the time, our kitchen coming in from school. There was always an extra that needed to squeeze in and my sweet mama couldn’t say no! (She’s as southern as Dolly Pardon and as sweet as homemade jam.) She grew up under her mother’s feet so it would explain the passion we all carried for beauty and everything that comes with it.

What I do that brought something unique to the table was skincare. I got into the world of makeup and then somewhere along the way, got an invitation to go to aesthetic school. I never thought I’d do it for a living. I never had a dream to open a place of my own. But when it happened, all i could think of was opening up a shop like my mom and grandmothers that had a small town feel, while doing things that make women feel lovely! It’s a win-win. Beauty isn’t always a knowing, it’s often a feeling. And I want women to feel beautiful deep down when they leave the Studio. I want them to have found something inside that would carry them right into a more beautiful place internally, even if it unfolds over time!

One of my favorite things is the coming back. Women don’t often come and then I never see them again. They come month after month and that’s what keeps this thing special. BOMA is a gathering place. It’s like a watering hole, where you can come for refreshing. Or we can tackle some pigmentation. If breakout is your issue, we can address what’s going on there too. Many times, it’s a matter of getting to the root cause of certain skin issues so we know how to address them and then make strides to get things figured out. I often sit with women just to hear about their regimen so we know we’re on the right page. This is truly my favorite part of esthetics. I love to trouble shoot. So if your skin has an ongoing issue, it’s fun for me to help figure that out and see what we need to adjust to get things right. Whether it’s getting the right skincare in place or seeing what major areas we can treat with services, it’s all necessary for the long run!

Everybody needs great skincare.

Everybody needs to enjoy the skin they’re in.

And we ALL need an expert opinion on what that looks like!

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