Well... you got it!! You've been asking, and here it is!! Everything you need to create all the looks and confidence you want, just when you need them! AND you can do it in your PJ's.

Imagine having a beauty insider right at your fingertips! 

beauty school

here's your chance!

Look, there’s all kinds of reasons you’d want to be a part of this beauty project… 

Whether you're wanting to "up your game" on a date night... 

Create a cleaner more polished look for everyday life, the office or those daunting ZOOM calls...

Or you just feel like you haven’t ever learned the basic do’s and don’t’s of makeup and skincare, since your college days...

If you’re thinking right about now you could use all those tips, then THIS little membership is gonna give you 

and help you become your own kind of PRO!!

all the feels

I’m giving you the bts (behind the scenes) look at my life and techniques I’ve built a career on over the last two decades. 

imagine a Library full of tips & Episodes
to get you going in any direction


The Beauty Project

- Tutorial Videos
- Pre-recorded sessions with real clients
- Insider Information from a Pro
-New content on the go



Can't wait for you to join, friend! I hope you'll love it just as much as I do! now go have fun!

Let's go!