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Kerri Bunn


Look, I gotta tell you… One of the things I cringe about most, but HEAR the most from my clients is that they continue to use face wipes to take their make up off on the reg… aghhhhhh! Girls, I hate to say it but you are revving up that clock and pressing fast forward on your skin because nothing is ever clean after using those wipes!

Here’s the real truth. Even if you use two or three to get all of your make-up off, (which is such a waste of money) and any extra trace of dirt, you are still leaving a film of icky-grimy ingredients on top of your skin that your products then have to work through to make a difference. That’s just gross! 

First of all who wants to make it harder?? And speed up the aging process?! Not me!

And second if you’re investing in good skin care you sure as heck want to work! 

Listen, if you feel like you’re the kind of girl who just really wants to get in the bed quickly or stay true to your low maintenance side, use a microfiber cloth! It’s truly one of the best inventions since peanut butter. And I don’t say that lightly… I love peanut butter!

But microfiber cloths act like a magnet for make up. You don’t even have to put cleanser on your skin, you can just heat them up under warm water and gently remove make up, even your mascara! It’s pretty magical and I really didn’t believe it until I started using one myself. 

Now, I will say one of the best things that you can do is to combine using a cleanser on your skin and then remove everything with the microfiber cloth. I know, I know, I know, you’re saying that really defeats the purpose… But it doesn’t! Honestly most Estheticians would tell you to cleanse your skin twice anyway! But I say if you’re using a cleanser and a microfiber cloth, you’re doing two great things for your skin at once! Then you stand less of a chance of leaving any trace of make up or dirt or oil on the skin that’s unnecessary and all of your serum’s have a fair chance of doing exactly what they’re supposed to do… turn the clock back instead of forward! 

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And if you’re the kind of girl who still wants to swipe something across her skin in the manner of a face pad then treat yourself! I have a fabulous set of skin care pads that are filled with treatment that your skin actually does need. You can decide if pigmentation, or anti-aging, or breakouts or where your focus is. But if you like that feeling of swiping something across your skin and feeling good about it then these will be your new jam!

So you say what do I do with all of these make up wipes have purchased. Well one of the ways you can benefit from those are cleaning your make up brushes daily. Most of us don’t clean our make up brushes often enough anyway, so taking a wipe to them a few times a week would be incredible! 

Just know I’m looking out for your skin and you should too!!  for a link to my favorite cloths, click here! And share one with a girlfriend… They come three in a package and they don’t disappoint!!

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