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Girls, there’s so much to be said for this one product in particular, that I’m not sure I can sum it up in just one post. So I’m gonna hit the highlights… If there’s any one product a girl should be using on a daily basis, it’s Concealer! And the WHY… Concealer hides a host of problems with one little swipe!

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If you’re having any issues with allergies in your life whatsoever, be it seasonal or anytime of the year… This is going to be your go to item! You can hide redness, irritation, lack of sleep, poor circulation, the things you really aren’t trying to share with the general public. And it isn’t just frou-frou! So don’t go getting any ideas that you’ve got to be all made up to wear concealer… it should look like your skin color, so that if it were the only thing you put on, no one would notice it! 


If you have dark circles, meet your new best friend. Dark circles are so common. Often times I sit down to put make up on people and they ask me about covering their bags. I would say bags around 20% of the population has “bags” around their eyes…It’s dark circles that we really need to be concerned about and conceal them because it takes years off of your face when you do! Seriously, it’s a game changer!


If you feel that your eyes are aging. Whether they feel dry or just not bright then this is also the right step for you. Some concealer’s can actually help hydrate the area. And you can’t go wrong with that. Don’t be afraid that all concealers gather in wrinkles. They don’t. It’s like saying all shoes feel like sneakers… that’s just not true! 

Here are my 3 top pics for finding the right concealer at any age and with any condition. I’m also going to list my top three eye cream loves to suit any budget!

*Laura Mercier I like this concealer because it’s SO creamy. It stays in place and makes a statement. That no one would ever be able to notice you’re dark around your eyes. And I kind of dig that. It’s a little mixture of yellow and rose to combat darkness and brighten you up, all at the same time!

*Cle de Peau Beaute This one is worth the $$$ but you gotta know up front, what you’re getting yourself into. It’s luxurious, full coverage and moisturizing. It goes without saying that if you need hydration, don’t go without!

*YSL Touche Eclat This is for those girls who need a light touch and a quick out-the-door advantage, while allowing the eye area to still appear hydrated. At any age, this product is a good little boost. Quite possibly the most universal of anything out there. Then you can add a little something else with coverage on top for those moments you need more!

*Revlon PhotoReady Concealer It covers but leaves the skin velvety soft. Almost like a powder finish, but not. It seems to work with most skin types. just make sure you go a little lighter than you think you should. The idea is that you get brighter.

My go-to eye treatments are SISLEY eye contour mask (I use it daily for an eye cream) &

Kiehl’s avocado eye cream to lock in moisture.

And Tata Harper for her creamy Restorative Eye Cream

Happy shopping girls!!! And if you’re loving the tips, share the love with your friends and Fam!

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