Skincare Basics

Some people say what you don’t know won’t hurt you, but I say when it comes to skincare what you don’t know will in fact, hurt your chances of having great skin! A BIG topic in the world I live in.

To make this simple, I’ve created a few rules… mind you, I’m not a rule follower, I’m an explorer.


I for one, am a girl who loves exploring… traveling, trying new things, making new friends… But it took many years for me to understand how to enjoy that by having a few rules, especially when it comes to having good skin. (Something my mom, grandmother & sister thought were very important.)


I am the kind of person that needs a little blueprint in my everyday life. Something that keeps me grounded, something I can sink myself into daily, and then veer off from there. This is my life in a nutshell. If any of you are like me, a routine helps to shed light on the outline then I can color outside the lines once I know what my day looks like!  If that’s you, HOLLA!


In the world of esthetics I’ve learned quite a few things that bleed into how we do everyday life and how women use skincare. Let me explain.


Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated, you just have to be consistent.”  -kerri bunn


CONSISTENCY is key–THIS IS SO TRUE!!! I tell clients all the time that I can do a million things in my little beauty hub to improve or upgrade the system, but what you do at home on a daily basis makes the BIGGEST difference! AND it improves the experience when you do have treatments done. Your skin responds better and the results last longer. This means, your investment goes further… And we all want that! Plus getting into good habits is a for sure way to feel youthful all the days of your life.

It could be cleanser and sunscreen or a few things in between, but it doesn’t have to break the bank


cause you to feel overwhelmed when it’s time for bed.


So then, why come in? Well a couple of reasons to note. I. LOVE. SKINCARE.

And I love seeing results! One of the things that’s most fun to me as an esthetician is the satisfaction of helping someone figure out exactly what their skin needs. Because we are all so different, it’s important to know product brands well, and help women discover what boxes they’re trying to check. We all need different things. And I truly find satisfaction in helping women know what those steps are for her as an individual and how to work them into her life!


Number 2– You gotta love it!! Yep, it’s true. I traveled for a French Skincare Brand as an esthetician for many years and their philosophy was spot on.



Women need to love what they use on their skin.” It’s just that simple. Like buying a pair of shoes, most of us wouldn’t let our husband’s pick those out blindly for you, because he isn’t a woman, doesn’t understand the reasoning behind the why and all the other things! You’d probably want to try them on, visualize them in your closet and see how they make you feel, right?


Skincare is the SAME way! (Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.) You NEED to be in love with it! Sounds bogus I know, but this brand happened to do studies on French women shopping for skincare. One of the things they discovered was that it takes ALL five senses… yep, you heard me! We don’t just pick products because it’s there. We pick products based on what we know about it, the way the packaging is, how it smells and even sometimes, the color. Wild ones, we are! (Don’t box us in!)


We need to not only have products that are effective, we also need to know there’s a mind-body connection and they’re making a difference by making us feel good. Well, so be it! Let’s all become French and love ourselves more! But truly back to the heart of why I do what I do. Because I know it makes a difference. And now you know that CONSISTENCY & BEING IN LOVE make for the best routine, COME ON IN!!


If it’s products you need,

treatments you’re unsure about,

or a load of other questions,

book a consult and come on in to see what suits you best… it’ll be the best thing you do to refresh this summer!

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