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Art is not what we see, but what we make others see – Artist, Edgar Degees

Meet my beautiful friend Debbie! She came breezing through the doors of Continental Bakery one morning and I couldn’t help but notice her. I think I may have unintentionally ignored the friend I was with as she passed by just so I could stop her and tell her!

You can imagine my shock when she started to tear up at my impromptu comment. Nearly crying she said, “no one ever says things like this to me!” 

I honestly thought, there’s no way. She is stunning! Turns out, her soul was just as beautiful. A high school principle, and a lover of travel. After chatting on the sidewalk for way to long, we exchanged numbers and Debbie became not only a friend, but the face of beauty in the next article I was writing for Birmingham Magazine. And you won’t believe her age…

I was doing a story on women of different ages and makeup in the light of their age groups. One of the most common questions I get is about women beyond 50’s and 60’s. (P.S. Debbie is 61… Crazy right?!) This is one of my favorite age groups to work with. If you shopped around at all on my site, you’ll see that dangling comment about the less is more trend and how I wish it would go away, at least for women above 35. And I must say it just never is, unless you’re 13-college age and can’t control the use of highlight and contour. But ladies, as you age, less makeup doesn’t improve your youthfulness! It just doesn’t. That’s a myth. But wearing the right products and enough of them makes all the difference.

When I sit down with women, I love to find out what their life is like. If they feel confident wearing makeup, how much time they may take or want to take, and what’s already important to them. If they have a feature they want to enhance or one they want to conceal. These are important questions, because we’re all busy, but if I ramble on about every step there is and never touch on her ideas, we haven’t accomplished anything!

That definition though… One of the things that happens as you get older is that you begin to lose definition. Eyebrows especially become a little more sparse, color fades in the lips, lashes are thinner…things you wouldn’t notice over night. But eventually the softer the makeup, the less definition you have on the face. One of the best things you can do is amp it up a bit.

filling in those eyebrows Ladies, this is a game changer! Do you have pics up in your house without frames? Not often! Your brows are about the same. They are important to frame the eyes. But not only filling them in, shade them in to match the warmest shade in your hair. Blonde, Brunette, Black, Ginger. And my go-to is a powder I love using is Anastasia brow powder duo for the fine pigments. It’s softer, cleaner, and easily fixable if you make a mess! Also filling in these little beauties will give you a bit of an eye lift.


  • Defining the eyes Yes, ladies… eyeliner is a must. Not an everyday kind of must, but when you want to stand out or appear to be polished, or if you’re going to an event, defining the eyes is worth taking the time! A few fool proof ways to get it right is practice. These days there are gels, pencils, powders and my favorite way is to combine them. Line with a gel first and then smudge it out with a powder. {Plus that leaves room for mistakes and how to hide them!} And don’t be afraid to use only powder in the lower lash line. Sometimes that’s all you need. But ALWAYS line the top lashes. It really brightens up the whites in your eyes and you for sure want that bright-eyed look.


  • Lastly, those lips  It isn’t a myth that older women should wear more lip color. Lips get a little thinner and therefore need a touch of brightness to have them show up. It doesn’t have to look like Cruella Diville, just needs to be noticeable. I see women often not even wearing lip color. But it’s a necessity in my book. At least a tinted lip balm would be simple. One of my go-to favorites for clients is Burt’s Bees Red Dahlia (in the dark tube). It’s the most universal shade of any lip balm I’ve ever found. And it’s always on set with me. But don’t stop there, check out the latest trends at your favorite makeup counter. And be bolder than you’ve thought about being. Sometimes it’s good to shake it up!


So get out there and be your own kind of #wildlybeautiful

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